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6 Ft.Zip-up Silk Shantung Chain Cover

Item #:6503  EG

6 Ft.Zip-up Silk Shantung Chain Cover

Item #:6503  WH


Item #:6505 BK

6 Ft.Zip-up Black Shantung Chain Cover

Item #:6506 TN

6 Ft.Zip-up Tan Anna Chain Cover

Item #:6507 BR

6 Ft.Zip-up Silkette Shantung Chain Cover


Item #:6508 LPD

6 Ft.Zip-up Leopard Chain Cover



Item #:6509 BE/OW

6 Ft.Zip-up Homespun Linen Chain Cover

Item #:6701

Brass Plated Clip 


        ---------------------------------------------Color Index-----------------------------------------------

                 BE=Beige        BK=Black       BR=Brick Red      CH= Chocolate    CM=Cream

                 EG=Eggshell     LP=Leopard   NA=Natural         OW=Off-White     TP=Taupe

                 TN=Tan         WH=White



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